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Patent Title: Adaptive method and system to minimize the effect of long table walks

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US6249906
Issue Date: 06-19-2001
Application Number:
File Date:06-26-1998

Abstract: Current software technology entails writing application programs in a high level language intended to facilitate portability to different computer processor platforms. Because the program is portable, the resulting object code is not tailored to run as efficiently as possible on the particular computer processor platform. Manually tuning a specific application program may be done, but it is time consuming and is rarely done by the end user. The disclosed invention provides an automated method of tuning application programs to execute more efficiently. Based on several system parameters provided by the user, the disclosed method comprises profiling an application to determine where significant delays are occurring that result from long table walks, constructing effective address tables to identify the effective addresses associated with the most significant delays, optimizing the placement of preload or touch instructions that initiate execution of identified instructions prior to their placement in the program sequence, building an optimized change file, and applying the optimized change file to the object code. The optimized change file may be inserted into the object code on a real-time basis.


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