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Patent Title: Computer system having different communications facilities and data transfer processes between different computers

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5247616
Issue Date: 09-21-1993
Application Number:
File Date:04-27-1992

Abstract: A computer system is disclosed in which different type of communication links are provided between different computers. A high speed data communication link between a personal computer (PC) and a midrange computer is disclosed. An application is run on the midrange computer, and simultaneously a different but related application is run on the PC. Then, the PC initiates a write command to write data from the PC to the midrange computer without prior direction from the midrange computer to initiate the write command. Next, the data is written into a buffer pool memory based on memory resident indicators whereby no channel program is required. This expedites the data transfer. The midrange computer application subsequently reads the data from the buffer pool memory. A master/slave relationship is also provided between the midrange computer and another computer or external device for more controlled data communications.


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