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Patent Title: System for internode deadlock avoidance in parallel database system using as overflow buffer a temporary table storage allocated to the parallel database application program being executed

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US6230206
Issue Date: 05-08-2001
Application Number:
File Date:11-02-1998

Abstract: The invention provides a method and apparatus including a programming product for a parallel data processing system having a plurality of nodes interconnected by communication paths, in which one or more sets of data present at one or more source nodes of the system is required to be sent on a plurality of communication paths having communication buffers to selected nodes of the database system for processing, a system of communicating the data over the paths between the nodes to avoid deadlocking the processing system, including: accessing data from the one or more source nodes in subsets of the data; sending the subsets of data on a plurality of paths to the selected nodes of the processing system; if a path of the paths intended for the sending of one or more of the subsets of data becomes blocked, suspending the sending of subsets of the data on the path for a predetermined time period; if the blocked path becomes capable of accepting additional data before the predetermined time period has expired, resuming the sending of subsets of data on the path; however, if the predetermined time period expires without the path becoming available, placing one or more subsequent subsets of data intended for the path into an overflow buffer; when the blocked path again becomes free, sending the subsets of data from the overflow buffer on the path to the intended recipient node for processing.


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