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Patent Title: Critical word forwarding in a multiprocessor system

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US6272601
Issue Date: 08-07-2001
Application Number:
File Date:05-20-1999

Abstract: A multiprocessor computer system including a multiprocessor device preferably comprised of a set of processors, each including a respective L1 cache. The multiprocessor is preferably fabricated as a single device. The computer system includes a memory subsystem comprised of a load miss block adapted for queuing a load operation issued by a first processor that misses in an L1 cache of the first processor and a store miss block adapted for queuing store type operations. An arbiter of the memory subsystem is configured to receive queued operations from the load and store miss blocks and further configured to select and initiate one of the received operations. The subsystem further includes means for forwarding the address associated with the load miss operation to a lower level cache and means for receiving a hit/miss response from the lower level cache. In the preferred embodiment, the load miss block is adapted to detect the response from lower level cache and to request a bus interface unit to fetch data via a system bus if the lower level cache responds with a miss. The bus interface unit is configured to signal the load miss block when a first portion of the fetched data is available. In response thereto, the load miss block is configured to initiate a forwarding operation that returns the first potion of the data to the requesting processor if the forwarding operation can be initiated without displacing a valid load miss operation. The store and load miss block preferably each include separate store miss queues for each processor of the multiprocessor. The bus interface unit is preferably further configured to signal the load miss block when the entire granule (i.e., cache line) of requested data is available. The forwarding operation is preferably initiated if a first stage of a load miss block pipeline is invalid at some point after the first portion data is available, but before the entire requested data is available.


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