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Patent Title: Method and apparatus for automated network-wide surveillance and security breach intervention

Assignee: Computer Associates International, Inc.
Patent Number: US5796942
Issue Date: 08-18-1998
Application Number:
File Date:11-21-1996

Abstract: A network surveillance system includes a handler process (10) for capturing network packets and filtering invalid packets, a first and second continuously sorted record file (15a, 15b), and a scanner process (30) for scanning all sessions occurring on the network and checking for the presence of certain rules (38). When a rule is met, indicating a security incident, a variety of appropriate actions may be taken, including notifying a network security officer via electronic or other mail or recording or terminating a network session. The surveillance system operates completely independently of any other network traffic and the network file server and therefore has no impact on network performance. According to a further embodiment, the invention may include remote surveillance agents (100a-c) for gathering network packets at a remote location and transferring them to a server (110) for analysis by a network surveillance system.


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