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Patent Title: Graphical display of data

Assignee: Computer Associates International, Inc.
Patent Number: US5414809
Issue Date: 05-09-1995
Application Number:
File Date:04-30-1993

Abstract: A method of using a computer system 20 to implement a graphical interface 10. The method displays a graph 160 of data from a database system 11, and permits a user to change the data by changing the appearance of the graph 160. The graph 160 is generated from a stored graphics engine 12, which contains rules for generating graphical objects comprising the graph and the objects' attributes. The graphical objects and attributes are matched to data delivered from the database system 11. If the user manipulates a graphical object, the graphical interface 10 associates the change to a new data value, and updates both the graph 160 and the data in the database system 11.


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