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Solution Title: Linux Legal Defense Fund

Category: Litigation Support Fund

Contributor: OSDL

Abstract: OSDL has always believed that customers deploy Linux solutions in good faith based on its technical merits and lower cost of ownership. Litigious threats within the Linux industry call for leadership on behalf of the rights of Linux end users. OSDL is responding to that call.

The OSDL Linux Legal Defense Fund was created to defray legal expenses of Linux end users who may become involved in litigation with The SCO Group on issues that affect the Linux community and industry. The fund also covers the legal expenses of Linus Torvalds, Andrew Morton and OSDL in connection with the pending SCO litigation.

This fund sends a clear message that OSDL, in cooperation with others throughout the Linux industry, will stand firm against legal threats levied by The SCO Group.

For additional information visit the following link below, "OSDL's Linux Legal Defense Fund."


OSDL's Linux Legal Defense Fund

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OSDL Press Release, 1/12/2004