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Sun Microsystems, Inc. Sun OpenDocument Patent Statement, submitted by Sun Microsystems, Inc., September 29, 2005 09-29-2005

Sun Microsystems, Inc. Sun SAML Non-Assertion Covenant 07-20-2006

Red Hat, Inc. Red Hat's Statement of Position and Promise 05-29-2002

Novell, Inc. Novell's Statement of Policy 10-12-2004

Nokia Corporation Nokia's Legally Binding Commitment Not to Assert Nokia Patents Against the Linux Kernel 05-25-2005

Microsoft Microsoft Covenant Regarding Office 2003 XML Reference Schemas 11-21-2005

Microsoft Microsoft Open Specification Promise 09-12-2006

International Business Machines, Inc. (IBM) IBM Statement of Support of Open Standards-Based Healthcare Industry and Education Industry Standard 10-24-2005

International Business Machines, Inc. (IBM) IBM's Statement of Non-Assertion of Named Patents Against OSS 01-11-2005

Ericsson Ericsson's Statement of Non-Assert 06-03-2005

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