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Storage Management Arbitration protocol for a bidirectional bus for handling access requests to a logically divided memory in a multiprocessor system US5594876 01-14-1997 IBM
Storage Management Detection of deletion of stored data by concurrently executing processes in a multiprocessing data processing system US5247647 09-21-1993 IBM
Storage Management Method and apparatus to maintain cache coherency in a multiprocessor system with each processor's private cache updating or invalidating its contents based upon set activity US5228136 07-13-1993 IBM
Storage Management Linkage mechanism for program isolation US5220669 06-15-1993 IBM
Multi-Processing Determining a communication schedule between processors US6253372 06-26-2001 IBM
Multi-Processing Method and system for communicating interrupts between nodes of a multinode computer system US6247091 06-12-2001 IBM
Multi-Processing System for internode deadlock avoidance in parallel database system using as overflow buffer a temporary table storage allocated to the parallel database application program being executed US6230206 05-08-2001 IBM
Multi-Processing Information handling system including non-disruptive command and data movement between storage and one or more auxiliary processors US6226695 05-01-2001 IBM
Multi-Processing Selective processing and routing of results among processors controlled by decoding instructions using mask value derived from instruction tag and processor identifier US5682491 10-28-1997 IBM
Multi-Processing Priority broadcast and multi-cast for unbuffered multi-stage networks US5680402 10-21-1997 IBM

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