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Software Development & Object Technology Storing and querying execution information for object-oriented programs US5606699 02-25-1997 IBM
Miscellaneous Strategic capability networks US6249768 06-19-2001 IBM
Image Processing and Video Technology Structure storage management in a graphics display device US5249265 09-28-1993 IBM
Storage Management Superscalar instruction pipeline using alignment logic responsive to boundary identification logic for aligning and appending variable length instructions to instructions stored in cache US5625787 04-29-1997 IBM
Storage Management Superscaler instruction pipeline having boundary identification logic for variable length instructions US5640526 06-17-1997 IBM
Compression, Encryption, and Access Control Symmetric block cipher using multiple stages with modified type-1 and type-3 feistel networks US6189095 02-13-2001 IBM
Database and Data Handling System and method and computer program for filtering using tree structure US6298340 10-02-2001 IBM
Database and Data Handling System and method for accessing a database from a task written in an objectoriented programming language US6314430 11-06-2001 IBM
Data Processing Programming System and method for allocating bus resources in a data processing system US5687327 11-11-1997 IBM
Database and Data Handling System and method for assuring atomicity of distributed update requests in a parallel database US5630124 05-13-1997 IBM

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