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Human Language Processing Key character extraction and lexicon reduction for cursive text recognition US6249605 06-19-2001 IBM
Software Development & Object Technology Method of calculating time-sensitive work algorithms using inputs with different variable effective intervals US6249789 06-19-2001 IBM
Internet, eCommerce, and Industry Specific Method of establishing a session between terminals on a network, remote terminal and recording medium US6249811 06-19-2001 IBM
Miscellaneous Strategic capability networks US6249768 06-19-2001 IBM
Multi-Processing Determining a communication schedule between processors US6253372 06-26-2001 IBM
Database and Data Handling Method and system for automatically maintaining data consistency across various databases US6253213 06-26-2001 IBM
Database and Data Handling System and method for hash loops join of data using outer join and early-out join US6253197 06-26-2001 IBM
Human Language Processing Method and system for automatically determining whether to update a language model based upon user amendments to dictated text US6253177 06-26-2001 IBM
Database and Data Handling Data charting US6256628 07-03-2001 IBM
Data Processing Programming System and method for providing shared global offset table for common shared library in a computer system US6260075 07-10-2001 IBM

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