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Miscellaneous Digital signal processing system with dual memory structures for performing simplex operations in parallel US5692207 11-25-1997 IBM
Miscellaneous Debugging of High Performance Fortran programs with backup breakpoints US5687375 11-11-1997 IBM
Miscellaneous Method and apparatus for providing connection identifier by concatenating CAM's addresses at which containing matched protocol information extracted from multiple protocol header US5684954 11-04-1997 IBM
Miscellaneous Call routing selection method US5680448 10-21-1997 IBM
Miscellaneous Goal-oriented resource allocation manager and performance index technique for servers US5675797 10-07-1997 IBM
Miscellaneous Authoring knowledge-based systems using interactive directed graphs US5673369 09-30-1997 IBM
Miscellaneous Interprocedural data-flow analysis that supports recursion while only performing one flow-sensitive analysis of each procedure US5671419 09-23-1997 IBM
Miscellaneous Method and system for inserting floating code hooks into multiple versions of code US5671417 09-23-1997 IBM
Miscellaneous Apparatus and method for segmentation and time synchronization of the transmission of a multiple program multimedia data stream US5652749 07-29-1997 IBM
Miscellaneous Method and system for processing logic blocks in a data processing system US5640557 06-17-1997 IBM

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