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Miscellaneous Voice mail system, voice synthesizing device and method therefore US6289085 09-11-2001 IBM
Miscellaneous Optimization of ordered stores on a pipelined bus via self-initiated retry US6269360 07-31-2001 IBM
Miscellaneous Method product `apparatus for modulations` US6263326 07-17-2001 IBM
Miscellaneous Strategic capability networks US6249768 06-19-2001 IBM
Miscellaneous Maintaining a desired separation or distribution in a moving cluster of machines using a time multiplexed global positioning system US6236936 05-22-2001 IBM
Miscellaneous Method for using two copies of open firmware for self debug capability US6219828 04-17-2001 IBM
Miscellaneous Application protocol data unit management facility US6195700 02-27-2001 IBM
Miscellaneous Selective data capture for software exception conditions US6182243 01-30-2001 IBM
Miscellaneous Microprocessor system requests burstable access to noncacheable memory areas and transfers noncacheable address on a bus at burst mode US6178467 01-23-2001 IBM
Miscellaneous Method for testing computer operating or application programming interfaces US5701408 12-23-1997 IBM

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