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Patent Title: Voice mail system, voice synthesizing device and method therefore

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US6289085
Issue Date: 09-11-2001
Application Number:
File Date:06-16-1998

Abstract: The reception part 30 outputs the text and the header of the received electronic mail to the voice synthesizing part 32. The voice font switching part 326 outputs the sander ID contained in the header to the voice font searching part 328. The voice font searching part 328 searches the voice feature data in the voice font database part 330 to have voice feature data in which the user ID contained in the header of the voice feature data matches the sender ID sent to the rhythm control part 322 and the voice generating part 324. The rhythm control part 322, the voice generating part 324 and the voice output part 38 read the content of the text in a voice feature indicated by the phonemes contained in the supplied voice feature data and generates a voice signal characterized by rhythm data contained in the header of the voice feature data for output.


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