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Patent Title: Process and apparatus for managing network event counters

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5223827
Issue Date: 06-29-1993
Application Number:
File Date:05-23-1991

Abstract: A process and apparatus for detecting the occurrence of an event threshold and performing some type of action in response to the detection. The disclosed use of the invention is for managing communication connections in a network. An event counter, a sliding event threshold counter and a sliding interval counter are initialized to prescribed initial states at the start of counter management. At the expiration of an interval specified by the contents of the sliding interval counter, the sliding interval counter is incremented by an offset time value, and the sliding event threshold counter is updated by the sum of an offset event value and the event counter. The event counter is incremented on each occurrence of an event to be counted. Each time the event counter exceeds a threshold established by the sliding threshold event counter, the sliding threshold event counter is incremented by the contents of the offset event value, and the sliding interval counter is updated to the sum of the offset time value and the present time. Thus, all values of interest are maintained by a combination of keeping an absolute count of the events, and by "sliding" the contents of two counters, one of which is used to measure successive time intervals and the other to set a new threshold for each successive interval based on the offset threshold and the absolute event count at the beginning of the interval.


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