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Patent Title: Remote password administration for a computer network among a plurality of nodes sending a password update message to all nodes and updating on authorized nodes

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5611048
Issue Date: 03-11-1997
Application Number:
File Date:05-09-1994

Abstract: A remote password administration facility operating on the network is divided in client and server programs and provides coordination between a mainframe and a network security system. A password update message is generated by the client program and transmitted across the network to a server system which acts as a gateway server to the mainframe. The password is updated at the server system in the network security system. The gateway server is coupled to a mainframe system via an emulator session. The server scans the logon profile database to determine whether the user id is authorized to access the mainframe. If so, the password update message is sent to the second security system resident in the mainframe. The server program cooperates with the emulator program to send the password update message to the mainframe security system and determine whether the password was successfully updated.


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