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Patent Title: Method and system for efficient control of the execution of actions in an object oriented program

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US6216149
Issue Date: 04-10-2001
Application Number:
File Date:12-30-1993

Abstract: A method and system for efficiently controlling the execution of actions in an object oriented program. An observable object is defined which responds to a predetermined number of abstract events, each abstract event corresponding to an action slot container object which is associated with the observable object. New abstract events may be defined at execution and a corresponding new action slot container object associated with the observable object at that time. One or more action objects which each specify a unit of behavior are then defined and placed within the action slot container objects such that the occurrence of a corresponding abstract event may initiate the occurrence of multiple units of behavior. Separate subclasses of action objects are also defined, each subclass specifying a manner in which the specified unit of behavior will be implemented. In this manner, methods, scripts, procedures, and other abstract events may be initiated in response to an execution of an action object and a determination of the subclass to which that action object belongs.


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