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Patent Title: Automated code replication during application development

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US6321378
Issue Date: 11-20-2001
Application Number:
File Date:12-10-1998

Abstract: An application development tool supports a "replicate" mode of operation which, when selected, automatically archives copies of any application source code modules being edited. Where the application source code contains multiple code segments which are symmetrical with respect to size and general content, such as a number of polygon data arrays, in which similar alterations must be implemented globally, the user may make the revision in one code segment and mark the remaining code segments in which the revisions are to be replicated. The application development tool then compares the revised and archived source code modules to identify the pattern of the revisions which were made. Upon detecting a pattern to the revisions, the application development tool automatically replicates the revisions in conformance with the identified pattern within the marked code segments. A solution is thus provided for developers who must alter large amounts of code in a manner which produces an identifiable pattern to the revisions but which cannot be accomplished by simple global find-and-replace processes, saving the developer time by eliminating repetitive tasks which are both time consuming and common sources of errors requiring correction during debug.


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