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Patent Title: Visual presentation system which determines length of time to present each slide or transparency

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5642430
Issue Date: 06-24-1997
Application Number:
File Date:05-01-1996

Abstract: A system determines display durations of each of a plurality of images in a presentation based on a respective amount of the information content in the image, the greater the information content the longer the display time. There are various techniques for determining the information content of each of the images. For example, the system determines for each image the number of pixels at each of a multiplicity of respective pixel levels and the total number of pixels at one or more pixel levels for which the respective number(s) of pixels are significantly larger than the numbers of pixels at the other pixel levels. The pixels represented by these one or more pixel levels likely represent background or other mundane information. Consequently, only the pixels at the other values are considered as containing important information and their total number represents the total information content of the image. Another technique is to count the number of alphanumeric characters in an alphanumeric image as a measure of the information content in the image. A third technique is to digitially compress the image and compare the size of the compressed image to the size of the uncompressed image as a measure of the information content.


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