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Patent Title: Speech recognition apparatus having a speech coder outputting acoustic prototype ranks

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5222146
Issue Date: 06-22-1993
Application Number:
File Date:10-23-1991

Abstract: A speech coding and speech recognition apparatus. The value of at least one feature of an utterance is measured over each of a series of successive time intervals to produce a series of feature vector signals. The closeness of the feature value of each feature vector signal to the parameter value of each of a set of prototype vector signals is determined to obtain prototype match scores for each vector signal and each prototype vector signal. For each feature vector signal, first-rank and second-rank scores are associated with the prototype vector signals having the best and second best prototype match scores, respectively. For each feature vector signal, at least the identification value and the rank score of the first-ranked and second-ranked prototype vector signals are output as a coded utterance representation signal of the feature vector signal, to produce a series of coded utterance representation signals. For each of a plurality of speech units, a probabilistic model has a plurality of model outputs, and output probabilities for each model output. Each model output comprises the identification value of a prototype vector and a rank score. For each speech unit, a match score comprises an estimate of the probability that the probabilistic model of the speech unit would output a series of model outputs matching a reference series comprising the identification value and rank score of at least one prototype vector from each coded utterance representation signal in the series of coded utterance representation signals.


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