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Patent Title: Continuous parameter hidden Markov model approach to automatic handwriting recognition

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5636291
Issue Date: 06-03-1997
Application Number:
File Date:06-06-1995

Abstract: A computer-based system and method for recognizing handwriting. The present invention includes a pre-processor, a front end, and a modeling component. The present invention operates as follows. First, the present invention identifies the lexemes for all characters of interest. Second, the present invention performs a training phase in order to generate a hidden Markov model for each of the lexemes. Third, the present invention performs a decoding phase to recognize handwritten text. Hidden Markov models for lexemes are produced during the training phase. The present invention performs the decoding phase as follows. The present invention receives test characters to be decoded (that is, to be recognized). The present invention generates sequences of feature vectors for the test characters by mapping in chirographic space. For each of the test characters, the present invention computes probabilities that the test character can be generated by the hidden Markov models. The present invention decodes the test character as the recognized character associated with the hidden Markov model having the greatest probability.


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