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Patent Title: Coupled-color error diffusion

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5210602
Issue Date: 05-11-1993
Application Number:
File Date:02-25-1991

Abstract: A system and method for improving the quality of the output of a full-color image on a reproduction device, such as a display on a monitor or printout from a printer, that only consists of a small number of colors in comparison to the number of colors represented by the input signals. The disclosure involves specifying a new quantization method for multi-color images, rendered with orthogonal or separable color image palettes, that takes advantage of the calculations done by error diffusion. Accordingly, the image input signals are processed using the quantization error generated by one color component of a given pixel to influence the quantization of subsequent color components of the same pixel, and in such a way that the color image, so rendered, appears less grainy.


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