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Patent Title: Scan line queuing for high performance image correction

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5608538
Issue Date: 03-04-1997
Application Number:
File Date:08-24-1994

Abstract: n image on a substrate is scanned by moving the substrate relative to a sensor array. As the raw scan lines are stored, a position reference for each raw scan line is established. First, the raw scan lines are prescaled between a raw resolution between raw scan lines as they are received from the sensor element to an intermediate resolution between scan lines. The position references for the raw scan lines are used during the prescaling step as well as the following scaling steps to accurately determine the position of the raw scan line within the image despite the distortions created by the inexpensive transport mechanism. Next, the prescaled scan lines are scaled "crosswise", that is between pixels in the scan line from a raw resolution sensed by the sensor elements in the sensor array to a chosen pixel resolution. Next, the prescaled scan lines which now have the chosen pixel resolution are scaled "lengthwise", that is in the direction of the scan, from the intermediate resolution to a chosen scan line resolution between the scan lines. The image is stored in an output buffer at the chosen pixel and scan line resolutions for transmission to an attached computer system for further image processing.


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