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Patent Title: System for updating modified pages of data object represented in concatenated multiple virtual address spaces

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5594881
Issue Date: 01-14-1997
Application Number:
File Date:05-17-1995

Abstract: Method and means are provided for simulating a contiguous data space within a computer memory, and for placing and accessing data objects of various sizes within the simulated contiguous data space. Multiple, sub-data spaces are concatenated in such a way that each page and each sub-data space in the contiguous data space are uniquely identified. Data objects are placed in the contiguous data space and at the first reference to a page of the data object, only the segment containing the referenced page in the contiguous data space is mapped to the database storage disk. Once a data space page is mapped, the operating system can read the page into memory without requesting a disk operation from the database manager. On modifying a page, if the database disk page location is changed, the contiguous data space page is remapped without changing the page address in the data space. Also, modified data pages are rewritten to the database storage disk in an ongoing manner set by the user, instead of at intervals set by the operating system.


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