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Patent Title: Method and apparatus for facilitating contextual language translation within an interactive software application

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5251130
Issue Date: 10-05-1993
Application Number:
File Date:04-18-1991

Abstract: A method and apparatus for facilitating the contextual translation of textual entries within an interactive software application which is executable within a data processing system. A contextual translation procedure is created and inserted into a selected interactive software application. During execution of the selected interactive software application, display screens containing textual entries are typically generated. Upon encountering a screen requiring translation an operator may invoke the contextual translation procedure, causing a translation viewport to be displayed. Individual translate phrases within the display screen are then selected and displayed within the translation viewport. A contextual translation may then be entered into the translation viewport by a translator and displayed therein in proximity to the selected translatable phrase. Upon completion of translation of a selected phrase, the newly created translation is substituted for the existing phrase within the display screen, automatically altering the display area, if necessary, and a subsequent translatable phrase may be selected. In this manner, translation may occur during actual execution of an interactive software application, permitting contextual variations to be observed and compensated for.


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