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Patent Title: System for annotating software windows

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5596700
Issue Date: 01-21-1997
Application Number:
File Date:02-17-1993

Abstract: The invention is a system for creating annotations (notes) from text entered by a user. The notes are permanently and persistently associated with a title text in a window and are either displayed or hidden along with the window having the associated title text. The title of the window, the note position and the note text are stored in nonvolatile storage as a note record, preferably along with all other note records to form a note dictionary. Thereafter, when each new window having a title is displayed, the system compares the new window title with each note title previously recorded. If the new title is the same as any note titles, then the note text is displayed at the note position. When a window is closed or altered in a way that would affect the way that the notes should be displayed, the system searches the note records to find all notes being displayed on the particular window and processes them accordingly. For example, if the window is being closed, then all associated notes are hidden.


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