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Patent Title: Parallel processing system and method using surrogate instructions

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5649135
Issue Date: 07-15-1997
Application Number:
File Date:01-17-1995

Abstract: A parallel processing system and method is disclosed, which provides an improved instruction distribution mechanism for a parallel processing array. The invention broadcasts a basic instruction to each of a plurality of processor elements. Each processor element decodes the same instruction by combining it with a unique offset value stored in each respective processor element, to produce a derived instruction that is unique to the processor element. A first type of basic instruction results in the processor element performing a logical or control operation. A second type of basic instruction results in the generation of a pointer address. The pointer address has a unique address value because it results from combining the basic instruction with the unique offset value stored at the processor element. The pointer address is used to access an alternative instruction from an alternative instruction storage, for execution in the processor element. The alternative instruction is a very long instruction word, whose length is, for example, an integral multiple of the length of the basic instruction and contains much more information than can be represented by the basic instruction. A very long instruction word such as this is useful for providing parallel control of a plurality of primitive execution units that reside within the processor element. In this manner, a high degree of flexibility and versatility is attained in the operation of processor elements of a parallel processing array.


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