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Patent Title: Ping-pong data buffer for transferring data from one data bus to another data bus

Assignee: IBM
Patent Number: US5224213
Issue Date: 06-29-1993
Application Number:
File Date:09-05-1989

Abstract: A ping-pong data buffer mechanism for transferring data from one data bus to another data bus is described. This mechanism includes a dual port storage mechanism having a single storage array and two independent ports with each port having its own separate data, address and control lines. Write circuitry is coupled to one of the independent ports for receiving data from one of the data buses and storing it into a first portion of the storage array. Read circuitry is coupled to the other of the independent ports for simultaneously reading data from a second portion of the storage array and supplying it to the other data bus. Mode control logic is provided for enabling the storing and reading functions of the first and second portions of the storage array to be interchanged back and forth from time to time so that data may be read from one portion while data is being stored into the other portion and vice versa. In a second embodiment, a pair of dual port storage mechanisms are utilized for facilitating the transfer of data from a wider data bus to a narrower data bus or vice versa.


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